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All Clear: Lessons from
a Decade Managing School Crises

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In All Clear: Lessons from a Decade Managing School Crises, safety expert Chris Joffe shows district and school leaders how to create safety in school environments and develop a plan for responding effectively in the event of an emergency―whether it be from an allergy attack or an active shooter. In our ever-changing educational and cultural landscape, this is a critical resource. A sought-after safety trainer and consultant for schools, Chris draws on decades of experience to guide and empower district and school leaders to prepare for and execute crucial next steps in the wake of a school emergency.

All Clear empowers district and school leaders, heads of school, and school security professionals―as well as teachers, parents, and other youth leaders―to create secure learning environments where students can feel safe.

"In the early days of Covid-19, Chris Joffe’s unique insights and guidance helped school leaders plan weeks ahead. In All Clear, the tools and strategies he teaches will make it possible for school communities to anticipate and prepare for the unpredictable years in advance."


Steven Lorch, Head Of School, Kadima Day School, Los Angeles

"Chris Joffe is the kind of person you call when you have only one call to make—a Sherpa in the wilds of crisis response. All Clear blends Joffe’s EMT urgency with his CEO vision, a must for modern-day risk management."


Duncan Lyon, Head of School, Allen-Stevenson School

"Chris Joffe’s book is a tutorial on how to master panic and turn crisis into calm. The secrets he shares in All Clear focus on the real-life lessons he learned about the value of working with the people around you, not in spite of them. From the time he was plucked from his mother’s arms and dropped into foster care, Chris Joffe clearly has been mastering how to communicate and empower people around him during a crisis. You will want to join him after reading All Clear."


Katherine Schweit, former agent and executive for the FBI and author of the book Stop the Killing,
How to End the Mass Shooting Crisis

"An impressive addition to the field of school safety and crisis management, All Clear offers invaluable insight and actionable information. With an incredible backstory, Chris Joffe incorporates his personal history with his professional experience to provide a powerful guide for emergency preparedness and crisis response. Written by a true leader in the field; I highly recommend this book."


Nancy Zarse, PsyD, forensic psychologist and CEO and founder of Zarse Psychological Services

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